‘18C’ is a quick response to the impending amendments by the Coalition Government which will remove sections 18B – E of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA). The Coalition has left a brief window to gauge community responses – so artists, writers and academics were requested to respond with a work on paper (photographic or pulp) to this change of the RDA. Incorporating many new and existing works ‘18C’ sends notice with visual, verbal and written work to ensure that this does not go unchallenged.

An open mic will part of the opening night for performances and responses throughout the evening. Documentation collated from the exhibition and opening night will be submitted to the office of the Australian Attorney General.

“For them, it seems to be an abstract philosophical or legal argument. For them it’s a game, it’s a debate about words  and abstract principles… For people who have experienced racism, it is a deeply personal debate, and it’s actually a debate about real people and real hurt.”

– Penny Wong